Lely Discovery

The Mobile Barn Cleaner

The Lely Discovery mobile barn cleaner features robot technology. Its flexibility and thoroughness ensure that the cow housing floor is kept as clean as possible. This guarantees maximum cow comfort and optimal hygiene.


The Discovery mobile barn cleaner is a battery-driven vehicle. At installation, you use the E-link remote control to pre-programme the routing to be followed by the Discovery. Routings are flexible so that you have the option to ensure more intensive cleaning of some areas in the barn during certain hours of the day, like behind the cubicles. After cleaning up the barn the Discovery returns to the charging station.

The built-in ultrasound sensor ensures that the Discovery follows the walls at a pre-determined distance. A special element of the design of the Discovery barn cleaner is the so-called ring at the front. This feature prevents the device from being blocked. In addition, the ring ensures proper following of walls as well as steering clear of obstacles. The built in gyroscope enables the Discovery to keep track of its position at all times.

  • More natural cow behaviour: The Discovery removes dried manure by soaking it first with water to soften it, making it easier to remove. A safe barn floor stimulates the natural behavior of cows.
  • Easier detection of cows in heat: When cows have a good grip on the surface, they will be more inclined to show signs of heat, which will become quickly visible to the dairy farmer.
  • Improved claw health: A clean floor has a positive effect on claw health. The majority of germs are transmitted through the manure which they walk on.
  • Milk Quality: A cleaner barn, reduces the bateria levels and ultimately can assist in Solmatic Cell Count levels.
  • Reduced Labour: Eliminating a manual cleaning, which is an intensive and none too pleasant job.

Good animal health is essential for overall cow performance and optimum cow housing hygiene is an absolute must for maintaining good animal health. From this point of view, the Discovery mobile barn cleaner is a valuable and economically justified investment. All in all, the Discovery mobile barn cleaner provides flexibility and is the solution for keeping your cow housing clean – 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Discovery 90SW: Water Spraying Option A second charging station has been developed with an automatic water-fill valve for refilling of the Discovery. The Discovery connects to the water refilling station and opens the valve by pushing the bowl forward. The Discovery’s tank is then filled to a capacity that is sufficient for at least one route. While the machine is moving around the barn, water is sprayed in front of the scraper. Most of the water sprayed on the slatted floor will evaporate.

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