Lely Grazeway

The Choice of Pasture Feeding

The Lely Grazeway selection box gives you the opportunity to combine automatic milking with optimal grazing. Pasture grazing and automatic milking go very much hand in hand. Lely likes to stimulate cows to go outside, so they developed the Lely Grazeway selection box as a tool for you to handle grazing efficiently.


Before the cow leaves for the pasture, she is recognized at the Grazeway to determine if she is still to be milked or is allowed out to graze. The Grazeway offers you full control of grazing. The Lely Grazeway is installed at the end of the exit point of the barn, where the cows go to the pasture. While entering the open selection box, the cow is recognized by its neck or leg responder. Selection criteria are set through the Lely T4C management programme in order to make use of the Lely Grazeway as a truly flexible grazing tool. The Lely Grazeway offers you the ease of selecting different paddocks on a time related schedule.


Integrate with your Herd Management:
Due to the double gate system, cows are always guided to the right place, even when they are following close to each other. The galvanized steel selection box is a pneumatically operated system, just like the Lely Astronaut milking robot. The Lely Grazeway is compatible with the same compressor and steering device of the milking robot. Besides selecting for grazing, the Lely Grazeway is also used for cow selection inside the barn. Here it can select special production groups at different locations away from the robot, or it can select cows that need special treatments. The Lely Grazeway selection box is the simplest and most effective solution with the quickest installation.

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