Lely Calm

Peace of mind to calf rearing

Anyone in pursuit of a sustainable cow with a high lifetime production must first optimize the rearing of young cattle. The Lely Calm automatic calf feeder enhances the growth and development of these young animals. Calves can still pursue their natural behaviour and drink whenever they want, in a controlled way, while reducing labour.

  • Can be ordered to use milk replacer, fresh milk, or both
  • Each station has the ability to feed up to 20 calves
  • Customizable calf feeding plan to ramp up and wean calves
  • Calves receive exactly what they need to grow and develop into healthy cows
  • Wean calves gradually and easily as they grow
  • See how much milk a calf has consumed at the push of a button and adjust the mix if necessary
  • Supplies the correct portion and concentration of milk spread over the day, resembling the natural behaviour of the calf
  • Save time and labour by not having to prepare milk, individually feeding the calves and cleaning the buckets or bottles
  • Gives you the ability to house calves in a group environment which promotes improved immune systems in the calves as well as social interaction
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