Lely Cosmix

Concentrate feeder for cows that need that little bit more

The Lely Cosmix feeder provides accurate information about the additional concentrate feed and the intake of cows. Additional concentrate feeders are used to balance the ration for low and high yielding cows, or to distribute extra feed types to cows that require it. The Lely Cosmix is fully compatible with Lely’s Astronaut milking robots and is connected to Lely’s T4C management programme. It allows regular concentrate feeding parallel to the concentrates supplied in the milking robot, stimulating a stable rumen pH. Moreover, it allows you to regulate the feeding based on milking times resulting in a higher stimulation of cows to visit the robot more often.

  • Train heifers prior to exposure with the Astronaut milking robot
  • Feed dry cows and expecting heifers based on days pregnant
  • Can be equipped to dispense up to four feed types
  • Can include a protective gate to ensure the cow will not be disturbed while consuming her feed allotment
  • Improves fresh cow performance by reducing stress and increasing dry matter intake
  • The simple design allows it to be flexible in where it is placed in the barn and provides easy training for the cows
  • Herds feeding high amounts of purchased feed can provide multiple places for cows to feed outside the milking robot optimizing the use of the robot while supplementing those who need it
  • Allows producer to be more cost effective with allotting cows specific feed amounts
  • Ties into T4C to calculate each cow’s required amount
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