BVL Silage Block Cutters

Provide fresh, quality feed to your cows from your silage bunks

The V-LOAD Cutter Megastar sets itself apart with its exceptionally sturdy and reliable design. Made of fully hardened special steel, the transversal cutting unit is equipped with two counter-acting blades. This feature produces an exceptionally smooth, yet powerful cut. The cutting bar is nearly maintenance-free and is particularly well suited for demanding professional applications.

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  • Double-blade cutting system for a smooth cut
  • Can be attached to virtually any loader system of 3-point hitch
  • Can cut up to 3.6m3 of compressed silage
  • Frame made entirely of Hardox 400 steel
  • Hydraulic unloader for exact placement of silage blocks
  • Each block cutter is tailor-made to suit the conditions and requirements of your operation
  • All blades are powered simultaneously by the same drive cylinder and leave behind a perfectly smooth cutting surface
  • Two active front knives work in opposite directions to eliminate shaking of the cutting frame
  • Prevents any loosening of the silage and preserves its storage density, minimizing the penetration of oxygen at the bunk face. Maintaining quality and reducing feed loss caused by reheating
  • The ideal addition to the Vector automatic feeding system when paired with a kitchen. Store silage blocks for up to 3 days
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