Lely Juno

Increasing feed intake has never been easier

Pushing feed yourself is now a thing of the past. Using the Lely Juno, you can increase feed pushing frequency while reducing your labour and energy costs.


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  • Dynamic feed pushing, for optimal distance to the feed fence
  • Can be controlled with the Lely Control Plus app via Bluetooth

Pushing feed regularly means every cow is able to eat the ration she needs for optimal rumen health.

The Lely Juno can save you up to 3.5 hours a week in labour, based on three, 10-minute feed pushing rounds each day.

Automating your feed pushing gives you the flexibility needed for other important management activities on the farm. Herd health, forage harvesting and feeding calves can all be done knowing that the feed is still readily available for cows./p>

Pushing feed more frequently stimulates feed intake and reduces the amount of rest feed. The cows have less opportunity for sorting, making the consumed ration almost equal to the fed ration.

Many small meals result in a higher and more stable rumen pH, which enables cows to make better utilize their feed. Constant feed pushing encourages the cows to eat more frequently and helps them get the most out of the feed.

Timid cows will wait until the main group is resting to eat, meaning they eat less often and can have lower dry matter intake, increasing their risk of metabolic issues. If there is always sufficient and palatable feed available, you limit the chances of metabolic issues occurring.

Juno's work great in any barn, not just free stalls! We have installed many into tie-stall barns with great results! 

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  • Skirt lift- can pass over small obstacles and reduces wear and tear
  • Double ultrasound- can push on both the left and right-side increasing capacity
  • Electric bumper protection- prevents cows from stopping the Juno with a non-harmful pulse
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