Hoofcount Automated Footbath

The effective footbath you can count on

The hoofcount footbath counts the cows through the bath and refreshes the water and chemical after a preset number of cows.
The optimum for most baths is between 150 – 200 cows. After this point the concentration of faeces and chemical within the water seriously deteriorates the effectiveness of the footbath.

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  • Fully automated with manual override
  • 2 chemical pumps for alternative chemicals
  • Marine grade, folded stainless steel to prevent chemical damage
  • Fitted with no-slip, hard wearing rubber flooring for maximum cow comfort
  • No electric pumps or unnecessary moving parts reduces maintenance and servicing costs
  • Custom design- each bath is made to fit your specific requirements
  • Empties, cleans and refills within 3 minutes through the full width opening door after a set number of cows or time
  • Chemical is added via hi flow peristaltic pumps with another blast of water to ensure an effective mix of the chemical
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