Let the Serigstad Feeder Systems do the job for you

The Serigstad RBK Flexifeed and ExactFeeder are the solution for feeding baleage and straw through the Lely Vector Automatic Feeding System by allowing you to accurately feed hay and chopped straw in your ration.

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  • Constructed for intensive use with specialized knives and reinforced cutting means it is suitable for a variety of feed types
  • Easy maintenance and low voltage
  • One-point lubrication
  • Reliable mechanics and painting, thoroughly tested and developed over 25 years
  • Automate labour intensive and time-consuming work
  • More consistent chopping of feed improves palatability, increasing feed intake and reducing sorting, increased production of milk and meat and increased animal welfare
  • ExactFeeder pairs seamlessly with the Lely Vector Automated Feeding System
  • Even flow of chopped feed for an easy input into the mixer
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