Dairypower Manure Aeration

The Most Cost-Effective Manure Management System

The Dairypower Smart Manure Aeration System can be installed in new or pre-existing manure storage facilities on cattle and hog farms. The aeration system has a long-life electric drive unit that operates on a high volume & low-pressure basis, this smooth operation doesn’t disturb the animals. The unique fully automatic Dairypower rotary valve aerates a section of the manure tank for set time periods. This process eliminates the build-up of dangerous gases like methane and hydrogen sulfide, which are associated with manually agitating manure.

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Drive Unit Features

The electric drive unit is designed for a long, trouble-free life with a low noise level. The roots blower pump is protected by a suction filtration system, helping to extend the lifetime of all components. The system operates on a high volume low-pressure basis (5 PSI Approx) so the smooth operation does not disturb the animals. Adjustable air pressure makes it possible to optimize each plant to actual conditions.

Pipework Features

The pipe we use is 50mm class D UPVC which neither corrodes nor degrades. The pipework is fixed to the tank floor by stainless steel brackets and stainless steel bolts. Each supply pipe feeds an outlet-branch which has self-closing neoprene non-return outlet valves, these open when the air is supplied from the pump.

Rotary Valve Features

Dairypower has now developed and patented a very simple trouble-free electric rotary valve that operates on 24 Volts. The blower pump supplies air through a manifold to the rotary valve which in turn distributes air through the 50mm uPVC piping to an outlet-branch which aerates a section of the manure tank for a set period of time. The rotary valve then simply rotates to distribute air to the next outlet-branch and continues in sequence until the entire tank is aerated. The introduction of air into the tank has two main effects on the manure: effective mixing caused by the physical action of rising air bubbles, and odor reduction of the aerobic bacteria which digest toxins, fatty acids, and ammonia, reducing the biological oxygen demand of the manure.

  • Cost-Effective - Reduces fuel, labour and fertilizer costs
  • A more valuable asset: The introduction of oxygen also helps to reduce the loss of nitrogen from the manure which makes the manure a more valuable asset, reducing the need for chemical fertilizer
  • Up to a 48% increase in nitrogen and a 70% increase in ammonia nitrogen nutrient values!
  • Safer, smarter: No need for a tractor agitator and the dangers that accompany it
  • Complete consistency in the distribution of manure nutrients
  • Manure is maintained in a homogeneous, easy-to-manage state 365 days a year
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