About Lely

Over 20 years ago in 1992, Lely introduced the Lely Astronaut milking robot. This groundbreaking product was acknowledged as the most important invention of the 20th century for dairy farmers. Ever since they continued to innovate using specific know-how from our dedicated people at Lely along with feedback from our customers, this has resulted in an impressive range of products. All of Lely’s ‘milking equipment’ is developed to assist the farmer in optimizing all essential factors around the milking process.

A sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming

Lely’s history clearly shows that each decade we have been able to introduce a product into the sector with a significant impact on the methods of working in agriculture. Our vision emphasizes the increasing importance of sustainable farming while continuing our focus on developing products that improve both the financial as well as social well-being of our customers.

What does our vision stand for?

  • Sustainable – Preserving the environment for generations to come. This means acting as a company in a responsible way, making cow and man key in all we do, developing long-lasting products, saving energy resources and helping the farming sector to develop into an energy-neutral operation.
  • Profitable – Providing innovative products and concepts to enhance traditional farming. To sustain and improve our customer’s income through cost savings, low running costs and higher efficiency to ultimately improve their profit.
  • Enjoyable – Developing products that are reliable, easy to operate and well designed. Robust machines ensure unrivaled productivity, providing sheer working pleasure to contractors and dairy farmers alike.

Lely's Objectives

Lely’s objectives are not primarily focused on automating operations. We are making efforts to build a well-conceived concept around the cow (i.e. the starting point). A perfect example of that strategy is the so-called I-flow concept of the Astronaut A4 robot, which ensures an easy access entrance and exit for cows.

  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
    When considering an investment, whether it is a milking robot or consumables, please do not just look at the initial cost of investment, but also at all costs in the years to come! Thanks to our focus – throughout product development – on reliability and durability we offer you a range of products with the highest trade-in value, ensuring the lowest energy and water consumption, as well as limited service requirements.

  • Freedom to Enjoy Your Social Life
    It is the motivation behind our product development; to ease your workload during the daily routine and to take your dairy operation to new heights of consistency, economy, and efficiency while respecting animal welfare as well as the environment. We understand that better machines help you to be more productive and we understand that, if routine activities are taken over by reliable solutions, you have more time to enjoy a fulfilled life.