T4C Software

Making the right decisions with the right information

Our farm management software provides you with the information you need at hand to manage your herd efficiently. T4C is specially designed for automatic milking with the Lely Astronaut automatic milking system and can link to other Lely equipment, such as the Lely Vector and Cosmix automatic feeding systems.

  • Gives you a constant overview of your herd
  • Tailored health insight per cow
  • Insight of robot performance
  • Lely T4C InHerd apps
    • Today- Generates a personalized task list based on your daily routines
    • Cow- Check individual cow information like heats, health needs and dry off information, and assign actions directly
    • FarmBeats- Check your herd and milking robot performances such as milk production per cow per day and amount of milk separated
    • Signals- Get notified when a robot has no milk time or too long of a dead milk time
    • HowTo- Learn how a task should be done on your dairy farm
    • FarmNotes- Communicate fast and efficiently with other InHerd users on your dairy farm
    • SystemToday- Check which preventive maintenance you Lely equipment needs
    • FarmSetup- Manage user accounts and create shifts on your dairy farm
    • System- Monitor the performance of your Lely Astronaut milking robots
    • FarmVisit- Share your key performance indicators with your advisors to make more effective and faster use of their expertise

The Lely T4C dairy herd management system is the prime source of information for your dairy farm. It delivers real-time insight with no extra work. You can take direct action yourself and you can also act preventatively based on predictions.

The T4C software translates data from the barn into usable information for a clear insight into the results of your work. Lely T4C provides reliable data that you can use to make the right decisions to reach both the short- and long-term goals of your farms.

T4C allows you to monitor your herd constantly, act at an early stage and provide appropriate attention to the cows that need it. The software assists in optimizing your barn routines and improving your business results. You can also utilize the T4C InHerd mobile apps to complete day-to-day tasks while you are in with the cows.

The built-in Reproduction Module allows you to:

  • Benchmark your herd’s reproduction goals, and compare to the previous year, quarter and month
  • The ability to interface basic data from Dairy Comp
  • CQM compliant
  • T4C has the ability to schedule automatic routings for things such as herd health, breeding’s and treatments to save you time and minimize the stress of moving cows
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