Lely Walkway

The Footbath

Claw health is in the top three health issues on the dairy farm. It has consequences for fertility, production, feed uptake, treatment costs etc. Research done by Cornell University concluded that on the average farm 20% of the cows are lame and that the costs of lameness is $400 – $550 per cow. For perfect hygiene and optimal claw health a regular hoof bath is essential. Optimal claw health on a robot farm is key for sufficient robot visits.


The Lely Walkway hoof care foot bath is extremely user-friendly thanks to the automatic water and chemical fill (two different chemicals in the right concentration), and the automatic emptying and cleaning system. The hoof care foot bath guarantees:

  • Minimum work; the system is activated at the press of a button.
  • No dirty foot baths; dirty foot baths have the potential to increase claw problems within the herd.
  • Free passage; after automatic cleaning the foot bath is placed in the rest position, enabling the cows to pass through freely.

A Quiet Healthy Herd:
The automatic, user-friendly, Lely Walkway foot bath will also allow the farmer to use the foot bath more often, which will have a positive effect on the claw health of the herd. An automatic and permanent claw bath provides a quiet herd, which fits perfect in the vision of Lely!

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